Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Clash of Seasons

by Ece Oney

Dressing not according to the wheather is the key element of this message “clash.” There can be many reasons for a person not to wear the clothing, which is appropriate for that season. There can be people who wants to stand out and grab peoples attention, there can be people who were travelling or wasn’t sure of the weather outside or simply people who doesn’t really care and as long as they wear layers and layers on it wouldn’t matter to them if the garment they are wearing fits to the season or not.

Clashing of seasons is something we can see on the streets commonly whether people try to stand out or adjust they might still have something with their outfit that mixes the seasons. As the clothing code itself consists of contrary combinations the messages people reflects are ambivalent as well. These people doesn’t give that much importance to the use value of the garment that they are wearing, the important part is the aesthetic and the way they feel and look inside the garment. It can be to take attention and to be looked at and trying personalizing their style or it can be because of confusion and the change of the context, even though the messages are different it is a way of standing out in the society breaking the boundaries and showing of your personality. It requires courage to stand out in the society so people who chooses to dress this way intentionally or unintentionally, reminds the people of ambivalence, courage, experiment and style.

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