Monday, May 10, 2010

Gulf Male Formality

by Djinane Alsuwayeh

Kuwait, 1952

“It all began with a thread-” the story of the Arabian men’s traditional clothing is an ancient one, which unfortunately is undocumented, passed on only by generations to generation. It is one of the oldest forms and an integral part of folk culture of society. From the earliest times fine cloth and beautiful adornments have been woven into the fabric of Arabian tradition.

Dr. Wadad Alsuwayeh shows the Sheikh of Kuwait around Kuwait State Monument Design Competition

Influences other than history have developed the Arabian men’s clothing, such as the regional climate, utility, social custom, and cultural needs), achieving a corresponding level of sophistication in the material. All these factors combined led to the simplicity, natural grace and practicality of the everyday garment- the Dishdasha, and the very formal, elegant, intricate detailing on the ceremonial garment- the Bisht.

Above the everyday Dishdasha and below the ceremonial Bisht

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