Saturday, May 8, 2010

Northern European Alpine

by Lisa Blom

Swedish folk costume and Swiss folk costume

In Europe the high and white Alps, with the corresponding north and cold Scandinavia a climates that forms a cultures in this cases agricultures, getting the resources from the flora and fauna to make the clothes. Both have folk-costumes with similar cuts but the focus was on Austria and Switzerland with their (as Ploner suggested) highly promoted “eternal alpine identity –rooted in nature, rich folklore traditions.”

Maria, Sound of Music, opening scene

While the musical Sound of Music shows a beautiful picture emphasizing the old and traditional, we looked at editorials where they mix and match the prints and accessories with a more modern point of view without losing the feeling of authenticity.

Elle editorial in Luzerne, Photo: Oskar Falk

Edelweiss product, Madame magazine.

To show this alpine identity the garment are an essential part. On the street both younger simplified versions of the alpine knit and dirndls are seen as well as a classic loden coat.

Gala Gonzalez of Am-Lul in a retro Alpine sweater. Man at Saut Herm├Ęs, Paris.


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